Comments policy

First off: I welcome comments. I think the comments is where some real work is being done in addressing the issues that I raise in posts (even – or especially – if you disagree with me). So if you’re thinking about making a comment, that’s awesome and go ahead.

At the same time and notwithstanding, this blog is not a public internet space: it is mine, and I want to feel comfortable in it. This means that although I approve most comments, some comments won’t make it on the blog. Here are some guidelines:

  • Keep your comments productive. I don’t mind about your tone of writing, but if what you’re saying is more in the lines of destructive (rather than constructive) commentary, better rethink or rephrase.
  • Avoid derailing the discussion: derailing means denying any kind of oppression which I happen to be discussing using these or similar arguments.
  • Overt biphobia, monosexism, transphobia, cissexism, lesbophobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, classism (and other oppressive views) – including denying that they exist – will not make it on the blog.
  • I reply to most comments, but not all. I am more likely to reply to comments which I feel are productive and contribute to the discussion.

Examples from actual posts that didn’t make it:

“People with unresolved gender issues do not deserve their own sexuality, nor is it healthy to humour them.”

“I also know a lot of instances where gays or lesbians are accused of biphobia because they feel nervous or unsafe around bisexuals due to their multiple-sex attraction or being in a happy opposite-sex relationship(“You think we are straight…!”). This nervousness should never be mistaken for hatred or biphobia.”

23 is, in modern times, true only if disrespectful material counts. Go look for something written after 1990 that *praises* heterosexual masculinity (in a manner a self-respecting person could accept)!”

Your comment didn’t make it? The intrenet is a big place! Open a new blog and write your opinions elsewhere. Good luck.

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