A bisexual manifesto – the poster version

Brain dead + some free time + wanting to be productive = some more bi graphics. This one is an A4 poster version of this bisexual manifesto. Download, print and spread around at will (for non-commercial purposes only).

For a full size download, go to this page.

9 thoughts on “A bisexual manifesto – the poster version

  1. Thank you. Wow…… this certainly says it as it is. I don’t want my sexuality to be political…… you words eloquently reveal why i and other folk like me, really don’t have much choice….

      1. Grins…. I used to love the whole ‘the personal is political’ buzz…. today I think I must be getting old because I really can’t be arsed anymore (-; time to take a step back and let those, such as yourself, with more energy and passion continue to fight the good fight! Enjoy :D x

  2. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!
    Sounds like the essence of all the shit I’ve had to deal with in my life, in both straight and gay communities.

  3. In “A Gay Manifesto” (1970) by Carl Wittman bisexuality is recognized as “good” but the author feels the identity is “a copy out”. The whole tone of the manifesto seems to be that of wanting solidarity with bisexual men – but also erasing them at the same time. It is strange that even back then authentic bisexuality was known as real and in the years 2000 bisexuality in men has been so much in question it became actually painful to be out as a bisexual man. The fact that researchers had a difficult time finding “men with bisexual arousal patterns” reveals just how marginalized male bisexuality actually is and how continually dismissed and erased. But the sentiment of Wittman’s manifesto I concur with. Some women I dated wanted me to be “straight” and I would say “I can be monogomous but I can’t be straight.” And I have often fallen into the notion that I must live a straight heteronormative role within an opposite sex relationship – which I don’t want. Also I have been told my sexuality with the opposite sex is more affectionate snd gentle than het men – my sexuality is different – but because biguys are so closeted, invisible, and erased it has been difficult actually finding other bimen to talk about issues with either same sex or opposite sex relationships. The biggest irony of being an out bisexual man is the gay male community actually has extraordinary queer priveleges in the form of networking, jobs, etc. which I truly miss put on. While I don’t feel I get many het privelege at all because I am actually out as bisexual, a very sensitive man who does not particular want to work with het homophobes etc. What priveledge? I have known out “gay” men who occasionally have sex with women, but I have ended up emotionally bonding (aka falling in love) so much that I lived my life 80% with the opposite sex.

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