The bisexual umbrella

The bisexual umbrella in Hebrew
El Paraguas Bisexual – en Espanol

I haven’t been able to update much lately, so here’s another tiny post just as an in-between. This is a little graphic I made, and I hope people would find this useful. Feel free to download, print or spread it around as much as you like :) (for non-commercial purposes only)

For a full-size version, click here, or just right click the picture and download it.

22 thoughts on “The bisexual umbrella

  1. Hey, I love this image. My girlfriend and I just started an equal love type of page on facebook, and I was wondering if I could use this as one of our images. Of course I would include the link on our post to give you credit. This image is packed full of “uncommon” knowledge and it’d be great to throw out some more information to the public.

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